Relax in our region with its many sights: castles, dams and lakes, museums in medieval towns as well as animal and leisure parks. There is something for everyone – even beyond the borders in our neighbouring countries Belgium and the Netherlands.


Monschau was declared a climatic health resort in 1996. The medieval town, which is crossed by the rivers Rur and Laufenbach, presents itself with many artistically slate clad buildings and half-timbered houses. When visiting the old town, it is a must to try typical Monschau pastries in one of the numerous cafés. The Monschauer Dütchen are known far beyond the borders of Monschau. Another must is a visit to the Monschau mustard mill, which offers something for every taste with its more than 22 mustard varieties.

City tours in Monschau can be booked directly through our house.

Rursee and Urfttalsperre

Embedded in the lush green of the Eifel forests lies the Rursee, which is only 15 km away from Mützenich and directly on the edge of the Eifel National Park. It offers relaxation by cycling, hiking and water sports; you can also visit the surroundings from the boat.

From the Rursee you can also start your hiking or cycling tours to the Urfttalsperre start. The dam wall of the Urfttalsperre is one of the oldest in Germany. It lies below the Burg Vogelsang and is accessible via the Ruruferradweg easy to reach by bike during an extended day trip.

Vogelsang Castle

The Burg Vogelsang, a former Nazi order castle built in 1936, you can easily hike from Rursee across the Eifelsteig. The Vogelsang IP location (Navi input) can also be easily reached by car via Einruhr. Originally built by the National Socialists as a training centre for party officials, Vogelsang Castle is now a place of remembrance with regularly changing exhibitions and guided tours.

On the Belgian side:

After approx. 25 km you will reach the Bütgenbach dam and after 20 km the Robertville Dam. Both are excellent for swimming and sunbathing and can be easily reached by bike from our guesthouse via the Vennbahn cycle path and partner paths.

Malmedy, the typical East Belgian small town, is also worth a visit. In the immediate vicinity there is the race track of known from the formula 1 Francorchamps (about 42 km away from us).

With our Dutch neighbours:

Here one should not leave unmentioned the visit of Maastricht. Maastricht invites you to go shopping with its many small and large shops. But also a boat trip across the Maas will remain unforgettable.

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